#308: Medicham - Fighting Psychic Type

[PokeDex Entry]

The Meditate Pokémon

  • White: It gains the ability to see the aura of its opponents by honing its mind through starvation.

    Ruby: It is said that through meditation, MEDICHAM heightens energy inside its body and sharpens its sixth sense. This POKéMON hides its presence by merging itself with fields and mountains.

    Sapphire: Through the power of meditation, MEDICHAM developed its sixth sense. It gained the ability to use psychokinetic powers. This POKéMON is known to meditate for a whole month without eating.

    Gender Differences: Male has a larger bulb on his head


    0.5x - Not-Effective


    2x - Super-Effective


    0.5x - Not-Effective


    2x - Super-Effective


    2x - Super-Effective