#28: Sandslash - Ground Type

[PokeDex Entry]

The Mouse Pokémon

  • Ultra-sun: Its claws and horns often break off. The broken claws and horns can be used to carve plows for tilling farm fields.

    Moon: It uses its claws to climb trees and then curls its body into a spiny ball, ready to drop onto any prey that appears.

    Alpha-sapphire: Sandslash can roll up its body as if it were a ball covered with large spikes. In battle, this Pokémon will try to make the foe flinch by jabbing it with its spines. It then leaps at the stunned foe to tear wildly with its sharp claws.


    2x - Super-Effective


    0x - No-Effect


    2x - Super-Effective


    2x - Super-Effective


    0.5x - Not-Effective


    0.5x - Not-Effective