#201: Unown - Psychic Type

[PokeDex Entry]

The Symbol Pokémon

  • Gold: Their shapes look like hieroglyphs on ancient tab­ lets. It is said that the two are somehow related.

    Silver: Its flat, thin body is always stuck on walls. Its shape appears to have some mean­ ing.

    Crystal: Because different types of UNOWN exist, it is said that they must have a variety of abilities.

    Prof. Lotus' Notes: In the original Silver and Gold games, because of limitations to the hardware, Unown letters were generated by using the IV values. Because of this calculation, only the letters I and V could be shiny.

  • Unown A

  • Unown B

  • Unown C

  • Unown D

  • Unown E

  • Unown F

  • Unown G

  • Unown H

  • Unown I

  • Unown J

  • Unown K

  • Unown L

  • Unown M

  • Unown N

  • Unown O

  • Unown P

  • Unown Q

  • Unown R

  • Unown S

  • Unown T

  • Unown U

  • Unown V

  • Unown W

  • Unown X

  • Unown Y

  • Unown Z


    0.5x - Not-Effective


    0.5x - Not-Effective


    2x - Super-Effective


    2x - Super-Effective


    2x - Super-Effective